The Switch

So, you’re probably thinking, “what is going on with Paula’s blog?” Or, if you’ve never been here before, you’re probably thinking…”this is the” So, yeah. Sorry about all this mess.

Yesterday, I switched my blog to self-hosting but my old posts and pages won’t upload to the new server. So, I’m working on getting everything up and running and hopefully I’ll be back to normal sometime today. Or at least, as normal as it gets around these parts. :-)

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  1. Alyse says

    Oh heyyy! Congrats on making the switch. Doing tech stuff like that is always challenging.. but worth it in the end (at least for me :) )

  2. Amber K says

    I’m liking the look so far! Sometime I’m going to have to actually fix the layout on mine so it doesn’t look so super lame and cheesy. But….I don’t think today is going to be that day! lol
    Amber K recently posted..Super Bowl = Food TimeMy Profile

    • Paula says

      Thanks! It’s a work in progress, but at least the links are working now. That’s enough for me to ignore it until tonight. :-)

  3. Shannon says

    I’m glad you wrote this post because the internet is seriously confusing me today. I had really began to rationalize that my eyeball-brain connections must be mis-firing. Can’t wait to see the new site!
    Shannon recently posted..Saturday MorningMy Profile

  4. Dina says

    I hope you get everything sorted. When I switched from Blogger to WordPress it was super stressful and I ended up just paying someone to sort out the redirect. Was so afraid of everything that could go wrong.
    Dina recently posted..TV To WatchMy Profile

  5. Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry says

    It’s looking back to normal to be! I tried to stud by yesterday but it was looking all funky.
    Congrats on the big switch! Thanks for going self-posted and leaving me all aloney on my owney on free wordpress. I feel like I am the last blogger to make the big switch, but I’m doing it soon!!! I think!
    Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry recently posted..Random Search Terms, Volume 3My Profile

  6. lovelylici1986 says

    I don’t know how to follow you now, so your posts show in my WP thingy. I don’t want to subscribe b/c I can’t deal with emails for every single post from every single person I follow. Any idea how to do this? Lol
    lovelylici1986 recently posted..Meme StealingMy Profile

    • Paula says

      If you go into “Read Blogs” and then “Blogs I Follow”, there is an enter URL field where you can put That SHOULD work but I haven’t tried it. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll figure something out for you.

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