Things That Make You Go Hmm

 1. Kirk Cameron’s birthday picture.

Ok, I know this picture is a few weeks old, but bagel Friday at my work is more exciting. At least his friends sprung for the foot longs, but I really think Mike Seaver deserves more. Like a Chick-Fil-A platter.

2.  My fish hated the new, large, awesome aquarium I bought for him. He basically freaked out all the time and stopped eating. I gave him two weeks to get used to it. And really, how long is a fish’s memory anyway? He couldn’t possibly remember his old, small, crappy bowl. So, I returned the aquarium (the filter didn’t work well anyway) and put him back in his NYC apartment of a fish bowl. Now he’s eating and being his usual lazy non-swimming self. See if I try to make a fish happy again.

3.  I went out Friday night to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. I ordered a beer and a bottle of water and got an actual glass bottle of water.

Who orders this stuff? I felt like I was destroying the Earth even accepting it. But then I quickly forgot that the bottle wasn’t plastic, drank every drop, and then threw the bottle at a baby seal.

4. This dress on Rosanna Arquette. (When did she start looking like that?)



Thanks to Carol for sending this one. Does she know my personal style or what? I’m thinking Christmas party.

5.  I had a new garbage disposal installed on Friday. The guy installing it asked me what I thought about the economy and then preceded to tell me how much he hates Obama and how he thinks we need to “go back to the Constitution.” He made sure I understood that “back to the Constitution” meant when women and non-business owners couldn’t vote. WTF plumber?

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  1. Becky says

    That’s Kirk Cameron? What a sad birthday party, or maybe not, I mean look at that cake!
    Glad your fishy is happy! You sure do good by him. ;)
    I’m not going to say who I know that orders water like that (oh it’s not me, but I do know someone, maybe 2 people) and that’s what they want is special bottled waters. $5 no problem…it’s made with baby seal tears. The very one you then threw your bottle at! LOL!
    That dress is…crazy!
    And that dude…uh…uh…just at a loss. Sounds like Merl from Walking Dead. *Things that make you go hmm…” indeed. ;)

  2. Pam says

    I’m so confused by that super sad birthday picture!

    And ugh to the “back to the constitution” plumber. Sorry we women are out of the kitchen all voting and cramping his style. Blech.

  3. Brandi says

    I would have kicked that plumber right in the nuts while he was down there. So rude!

    Animals are weird. My dad bought my dog this enormous carrier thing to sleep in because he felt bad about her small crate. She hates the big carrier and never goes in it!

    • amandasvids says

      I was just going to say having a plumber under your sink like that gives you the perfect opportunity to kick him in the balls. What an ass.
      PS. I will always heart Mike Seaver. That lady in the doorway of that pic with a face full of doom-and-gloom obviously does not share my sentiments…

  4. Leigh says

    Those are all very random things that definitely make you go hmmm. Especially the dress. It’s just strange. What did you say back to the plumber after he let you know his opinions?

  5. Jina says

    Man, poor Kirk. I loved this guy growing up! Mike Seaver DOES deserve better. I love how the ladies in the picture are hiding in a corner and behind the doorway. Don’t get too close. Kirk might flip out because of the crappy birthday party you threw for him!

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