Break Out the Boos

I just got boo-ed at work today.

Does anyone else do this at their work? You get a cheap, cute little Halloween gift from an annoymous co-worker. Once you get a gift, you pay it forward and do the same thing annoymously for another co-worker that hasn’t already been boo-ed. Only thing is…this gift wasn’t cheap. And the boo-er seems to know me TOO well.

 A boo-er that knows the way to my heart.

And he or she knows how to treat my little, fluffy girl right.

I’m pretty sure the hubs is in cahoots with this boo-er because he asked me to come to his desk to tell me some random ass story. I was like, “Really? This is why you asked me to walk over here?” When I came back to my desk…bam! I was boo-ed all over the place. Hubs won’t admit he knows anything but I know he’s in on it somehow.

Speaking of hubs and my fluffy one, I know this is a repeat picture, but it’s so dang cute I’m going to post it again.

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  1. Melissa says

    I want to get BOO’ed! Too bad I work alone at home. Harder to make that happen! Now do you have to boo someone with an equally awesome gift??? Tough act to follow.

  2. Brandi says

    My friend does this with her neighbors! So cute!! I want to get boo-ed! You got an awesome boo gift. Vodka and candy?! Yum.

    And the hubby-bunny picture is adorable!

  3. Becky says

    Awe, I miss that…they did that back when I worked there the first time…really awesome that someone is bring the Boos back! I actually started it up at Carley when I was over there, but it fizzled fast…they weren’t all into it. To get it started, I even boo’d 2 people at once…in hopes it’d go round the office…at least half way…but maybe like 8 people…maybe 10…then it died. Such a bummer…and now I work at home instead of in the cube next to you! Boo hoo I won’t be getting boo’d.

    Amazing boo…really awesome boo! That bottle alone is over $10. ;) Must be a friend…definitely someone that knows what you like… :)

  4. Melissa says

    Soooo remember that one time when I offered up my whipped cream vodka + diet Sunkist concoction? I’m going to need you to recommend a good mixer for the chocolate whipped, pretty please with vodka on top :) I love that Pinnacle is so cheap! I’m going to be stocking up post-marathon so I can get my drink on again like the good ol’ days.


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