Caught in the Act

That is no way for a lady to behave.


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17 Responses to Caught in the Act

  1. Michelle

    Maybe she’s been watching American Horror Story??? Was she weeping?

  2. *NOT RELATED* Just read your new (to me) about section up there by your pic, and I 100% agree. I hate chia seeds, too. And no, I’ve never had them.

  3. Alecia@tincantreader

    **GASP!** First Nancy Grace, now this!

  4. theAlmostRunner

    Girl’s gotta get hers.

    Also, I cannot believe that chick from your work just came up to your desk and complimented your FASHION SENSE after ignoring you for thousands of years. What is WRONG with people?

  5. Laurie

    Ha Ha so funny!! What a naughty girl!! 🙂

  6. Jane

    Poor ‘Pants…can’t a bunny get a little privacy?!

  7. HahaHa my puppy in San Diego always humps this big Santa Claus stuffed animal. So wrong.

  8. Amanda

    Doesn’t even look embarrassed. Gotta love a lady with strong convictions.

  9. LOL! And pretty cute…

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