Things That Make You Go Hmmm

1.  I was on the blog’s Facebook page today and noticed something new.

Seventeen people are talking about this. What does that mean? Are 84 people not talking about this? And if so, why not? Why aren’t you all talking about this?!

2.  My friend, Tiffany, has told me to call her for days now. I finally called her tonight and she didn’t answer the phone.

3. Kat Von D is coming out with an album. It’s described as tragically romantic. Who thought it was a good idea to green light that one?

Now that I see that picture, I think she’s kinda hot. I probably would have green lit the album too.

4. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter, Francis Bean, is 19 years old and just bought a 1.8 million dollar home in LA. She’s hot too.


Is everyone hot? How is she 19 already?

5. There’s a new 10-calorie Dr. Pepper out there that’s only for men.  (Thanks to Matt for pointing that out on the FB page.) WTF? I’ve been drinking them all week.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively broke up after 5 months of dating. Doesn’t he normally date girls for 5 years and then dump them?




  1. Stefanie says

    I don’t get it. If you had to choose between the Dr. Peppers based on calories and taste alone…wouldn’t you just choose diet? Because it’s zero? Dr. Pepper must have a very large woman following to make a drink “just for men”. Gotta reach the masses I suppose.

  2. iJason says

    1) I have 2 more people talking about me than you. Take that Ms. Have-a-lot-of-blog-post-comments-on-her-posts ;)
    2) Maybe she was TDOTMing?
    3) Kat Von D looks like she smells.
    4) Francis Bean….19…wow…i feel old.
    5) Dr. Pepper 10 is awesome.
    6) You left out, “she’s hot”.
    7) “They see me rollin’, they hatin’”

  3. Angie says

    Ok, I love Kat VonD, but an album?!?! Maybe she can sing…..who knows, guess we’ll find out! She should stick to tattoo’s and Sephora make up. :)

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