S!#t My Husband Draws – Necklaces

Last Christmas, hubs got me a pretty awesome dress from Express with a belt and necklace to match.

I thought the dress could use either the belt or the necklace but both would be over accessorizing. I liked the belt (I’m wearing it in the picture) but I wasn’t sure about the necklace since it wasn’t something I would normally pick out for myself. This is the necklace:

I decided I was going to return it because it was expensive ($35) and I wasn’t sure I’d wear it. It’s not that I thought it was horrible, it just wasn’t my style. That day, when I told him I was going to return it and needed the receipt, I got this over IM :-) :

I do appreciate how he can capture my left man-shoulder.

By the time we found the receipt and made the trip to Express, it had gone on clearance for four dollars. Four! I’ll keep a snotty tissue for four bucks, so I decided to return it, then re-purchase it, and use the extra $31 to get a new shirt. Now that necklace is waiting for the perfect outfit.

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  1. My Blonde Moments says

    I actually really like the necklace. But I’m a big fan of BIG jewelry! Way to go w/ the return and repurchase move. I’ve done that many times before ;) I’m always looking for ways to get a good deal!

  2. Mz. Teri says

    You could always give the necklace to someone as a gift… although it would now have to be given to someone who doesn’t read your blog! lol


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