Blogs are Rude

I’ve had a lot of new people drop by my blog the past few days. Hi new people! :-) If you’ve blogged in WordPress before, you know that it gives you neat little charts that show the amount of traffic you’ve gotten each day for the past month.

I’d like you all to know that my blog traffic for the past 5 days is not lost on me.

 I’m trying to decide if you all are trying to tell me something…

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  1. Shannon says

    Mine had a SEVERE drop today and made me very, very sad. Funny how a chart can influence my happiness. Okay, not funny at all, ridiculously sad. And now after typing this, I feel super pathetic. Um, most depressing comment ever! You should totally delete this comment :) Okay, don’t really delete it, that would probably make me sad too.

  2. Marie N. says

    I recently found out about your blog through Sarah M… we all work in the same building. I subscribed via Google Reader. (I know nothing about blogging so no idea if that impacts your data in any way). I’m running (emphasis on -trying-) a few days a week. :)

    • Eat: Watch: Run says

      You may have contributed to the middle part of that graph. :-) I’m just kidding. That graph is an accumulation of site hits for the entire day, so it’s everyone who reads. Nice job on the running! I started a few days a week myself and had to do the run/walk thing until my legs would let me run the whole thing. :-)

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