Do I Look Like a Genie?

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 4.5 miles

I was a little too busy to blog my Monday Mini Miracles last night (there’s always next week), but I did get a run in with personal trainer #1 (Linda). We met at Lake Underhill Park, which has work out stations set up along the path around the lake.


We ran 3 laps and stopped at 5 of the different stations for each lap. If you look real hard, you can see them.


So, we did 3 sets of 25 log jumps, 25 step-ups, 15 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, and 15 dips during the run. Then we did an extra lap at the end because we like to torture ourselves like that.

Working out with Linda is fun. She’ll tell you she’s been too busy to work out for a month, that her lower back “hurts from NOT working out,” and that she has “lost a lot of strength.” Then she’ll bust out 10 man pull-ups right in front of you and wonder why you can’t do it too.

Incidentally, cats from the neighborhood gather and often stare at me while I’m doing pull-ups too.

Then Linda offered to help me with assisted pull-ups, but I will not have a 5 foot tall Vietnamese woman lifting up my 5’9″ ass up in public. Linda is STRONG and can do it no problem, but I’m sure that would shame my family in some way.


We had a great workout and I’ll get to see her again on Saturday. It will be one of the last times this month before school starts up again for her and she’ll be too busy to mold me into the Adonis she has been trying to make me for the past 3 years.

Here’s a bit of random news:

1.  When I got into work today, I was told by a friend that at first glance, she thought I was dressed like a genie.

I only dress like a genie on Thursdays, so this was upsetting. Maybe I should rethink the green-on-green action I have going right now.

2.  I tried a sip of Wheatgrass yesterday for the first time. That stuff tastes like licking a lawn.

3.  I’m on Day 8 of being back on Weight Watchers, and everything is going well so far. I keep finding new differences between the regular Points plan and the PointsPlus plan that are very interesting.

4. My goal to run less and do more strength training is going well too. I’m really loving all the strength training lately, but my run last night makes me feel like I might be starting from scratch when marathon training starts in one month.


ONE MONTH. Marathon training starts.

I’m kinda freaking out a little bit, but it looks normal since I’m dressed like a genie.

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  1. hungryhealthyhappy says

    A genie? Really? Shouldn’t you have some kind of sequins involved? And harem pants? I don’t know about that co-worker of yours . . . I mean, clearly if you were going to dress up as a genie you’d do it better than that. Just saying.

  2. Melissa says

    Ummm def don’t see the genie!

    I’m so excited to hear about your marathon training! I’ll have someone to commiserate with :) Nothing like ridiculously long runs in the dead of summer…

  3. Sara says

    You should do a blog about how the new WW’s plan is working for you. I would read the hell out of it!

  4. Lisa Smith says

    Are you sure he/she didn’t say a “greenie”? Because to me that is what you look like…

  5. Prudence says

    You look soooooo gorgeous in green! Your coloring looks beautiful!!! Anyway, a genie??? If anything, a Kermit the frog joke would be more appropriate!!!

  6. daysgobyandigrowstronger says

    I’m loving the green. It contrasts perfectly with the institutional carpet square you got goin’ on. (:

    I got my hairs did today, so no working out for me until at least tomorrow night so I can rock the good hair vibe.

  7. Danielle says

    I’m not sure I get where the genie thing came in, but I think green looks good on you!!
    Marathon training! AHHHHHH! So exciting!!

  8. Kimberly says

    O sweet goodness. Im shaking the bed laughing so hard so ive just assured my husband im fine and not seizing.

  9. tra says

    if genie means might fine…then you do look like a genie. perhaps this person was friends with the ‘dtf’ man i told you about. some guys have no shame. NO SHAME. and he was not cute at all. SIGH. hahah MUST be that i’m looking fine. i don’t look DESPERATE that’s for sure :D

    i could never drink wheatgrass. those shots from jamba juice look like the stuff that slimes people in the kid choice awards. EW.

    i started switching into running less and making them quality runs and strength training more. i’m not sure how that’s making my running lol.

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