Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

Yesterday, Hubs and I headed to downtown San Diego to check out the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. After a painful 90+ minute ride that should have taken about 50 minutes, we arrived. Then we stood in a 30 minute line to get tickets. I highly recommend buying those online if you ever go. And hiring a chauffer so you can drink martinis on the ride down.

Before I share my museum experience, Alyssa asked where I got my runner charm.

I’ve been wearing this every day.

I’m a lazy shopper, so I just searched for “runner charm” on Amazon and that sweet little thang popped up.

Now what was I talking about? Ah yes. The museum.

We finally got into the museum and did what any sane, history lovin’ person would do. We went to the cafe.

Hubs and I shared a chili bread bowl, I got the club salad and Hubs got a ham sandwich. My salad was awesome…until I tasted Hub’s ham sandwich. His was so much better than mine, that it made my awesome salad kinda suck.

After the bellies were happy, we started our self-guided audio tour. You get headphones and this little contraption to hear the history of whatever part of the tour you’re on.

The aircraft carrier was pretty cool. I mean, how often do civilians really get to see this stuff? There were flight simulators, climb-aboard aircraft, walk-thru helicopters, and all sorts of other stuff. A lot of the little areas you can only get to by narrow stairs, like the Mess Hall and Sick Bay. It was really cool and I was able to get my nerd on in full force.

Hangar Deck. Tons of cool planes here.
Walking through some areas like the Ready Room and the Brig.


He’s giving it all he’s got, Captain! Incidentally, he also
makes that face when he’s hungry, laughing, or has to poop. 


Fully clothed shower.
I couldn’t get the Hubs to sit on the toliet right next to this. He’s no fun.

One of the most interesting things I learned: more people are qualifed to be brain surgeons than to do air traffic control on the Flight Deck.


Flight Deck


This was one of my favorite things. A full statue of the famous kiss between the Soldier and the nurse. Super cool.

Looking from the Flight Deck
Wait, this picture isn’t nearly embarrasing enough.


Ahh, much better.

Obviously I’m ready for that lead role when they decide to film Top Gun 2.

I’ve been out to San Diego maybe five times and this was the first time I’ve done something touristy, so I really enjoyed the museum. Although, I love me some San Diego, so I could probably hang out and read the phone book for a week and still have a good time.

(Note to my brother: please don’t leave me alone with a phone book next time I visit.)


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5 Responses to Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

  1. We have the exact same attitude towards shopping! Glad you had fun at the museum!

  2. infinitefeet

    we have that statue here in sarasota. like. that EXACT same one. it's huge and stuff. by the bay. awesome!

  3. So, THAT'S why Harbor Drive was blocked off everywhere. Yesterday was bee-u-tee-ful, so I'm sure that race was FUN! You have a safe and happy new year too. 🙂

  4. 13point1miles

    I was just down there yesterday for a race! I love that area of San Diego. SO much fun! Hope you are having a good time! Happy new year!

  5. Looks like a great museum! It’s cool they have the whole runway you can look out on. Thanks for sharing!
    Brian recently posted…Duncan AviationMy Profile