Garmin vs RunKeeper: FIGHT!

My legs are still really sore from a personal training workout on Monday, but last night I decided to go for a short run anyway. I really tried to push for speed on this one. Now, I am not a fast runner. So this run sucked. It sucked like a Hoover. Or maybe a Dyson. Definitely like Lindsay Lohan.

How did I stay warm you ask?

Those stayed up for the first minute of my run.  FAIL.

Anyway, I decided to compare my Garmin and RunKeeper statistics to see how far off they are from each other. I started/stopped them within 2 seconds of each other.

And this is what I got.

Garmin mileage:  4.20 mi     Runkeeper mileage: 4.15mi

What’s up with mile 1? I think RunKeeper musta been confused.  🙂

Oh by the way, pretty decent technical T for the Reindeer Run 5k. I picked this baby up yesterday.

(If you thought of Tekken the moment you read the blog title, you are a nerd just like me. Welcome to the club. We meet on Wednesdays.)

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  1. infinitefeet

    LOL-lindsey <3