Woman’s Magazine Expo

We got a late start to the Expo, so we were glad to make it there on time. They were making continuous announcements about how it was about to close once we got there.

We picked up our bags, which were actually super cute. They’re like those reusable supermarket bags but all girl-a-fied.

The goodies inside were pretty sweet too: cute (pink!) technical T, some Publix towel (say what?), Gu Chomps, a girlie notepad, Dole yogurt covered fruit bites (cuz we can never have enough of those), and eye drops for use after all the crying when you don’t PR for the first time.

We headed out for some dinner after the Expo to a place that was within walking distance. It was by the water so it was a really pretty area.

I had a salad. Yeah…I know, that’s not carb loading. Probably not a good idea.

This probably wasn’t a good idea either.

But we were so happy after the beer…s, that it was worth it. Sort of.

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