Back to Running

So I mentioned that I was running again. I have a half marathon in three weeks and I’ve been training for about six weeks for it. I reunited with my running husband, Brad, and we’ve been running between 8-12 miles every Friday or Saturday depending on our schedules. I have to admit, it’s nice running on Friday before work. Sitting down for 8 hours is exactly what I want to do after running 12 miles, so it’s been working out nicely.

My runs have been slow but good. Well, mostly good. For five out of six of them, I’ve had poop during the run and there hasn’t always been a port-o-potty around if you know what I mean.

There was an “incident” at a government building behind a propane tank and then another behind some bushes with full floodlights on them. After the floodlight poop, Brad told me I need to up my game and poop in the street next. And then after that, I need to up my game even more and poop on the hood of a cop car. So our next run should be pretty interesting given my recent history and the fact that I’d hate to disappoint him.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you probably know that I am a lover of the Camelbak. For shorter runs, I hold a water bottle (which I hate) mainly because there’s a lot less work to get out the door in the morning. But for everything else, I would use my regular Sports Authority-bought Camelbak.


(From Gasparilla a million years ago)

Over a year ago, Camelbak asked me if I wanted to try out their marathon vest and like, duh, of course I did.


(From the Chicago Marathon last year)

It’s not as pretty as my other Camelbak, but it has pockets in front to shove all my crap in, so I love it. I exclusively use the vest now. I usually have to throw it in the washing machine every other run and I keep the bladder in the freezer so it doesn’t get all nasty, but it’s so worth it.

Anyway, I’m telling you all this because I have not spoken to anyone from Camelbak in well over a year and have barely posted about running, so I was surprised when this arrived on my doorstep.


That’s the CamelBak Eddy.

First Clif Bar and now Camelbak. Whatever I’m doing to receive all these surprise goodies, I need to know what it is so I can keep doing it.

Anyway, I took the water bottle to work and realized that was a terrible idea. You have to bite on the nozzle to get water and it makes slurping noises. There are already enough annoying people at work. I don’t need to be one of them. But man, I love it for a treadmill run. I can take a sip while running and not spill it all over my shirt. So if you’re a treadmill runner or don’t mind holding things on runs, this is a great water bottle that helps you not drool all over yourself. I saw them on sale at Target but they seem to be a little cheaper on Amazon.

So, thanks to Camelbak for the nice surprise.

Oh, and Camelbak did not ask me to post that.

I do what I want

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m going to Boulder, CO tomorrow for a couple days so that should be fun. I’ve never been there before so I hope there are a lot of boulders and the name doesn’t disappoint.





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Crap from My Phone

Things have been busy (said everyone ever). School, work, and lots of social obligations have been keeping me from doing what I do best: nothing. So without further adieu, here’s what’s been going on according to my phone.

I celebrated my friend Teri’s birthday at a fancy pants restaurant.


Our server was this weird mix of Nathan Lane and Eddie Izzard and I could not stop staring at him. He was mesmerizing.

If anyone knows me, they know I hate sports. All sports. The only thing good about sports is the beer served at the events. With that said, I went to an Orlando City Soccer game willingly. AND LIKED IT.


I’m loving the sky in the above picture. #nofilter, just crappy phone quality.

I had an $11 beer at the game. And then a heart attack induced by pricing.


I paid for that beer with all the one dollar coins IN DA LAND.


That was my change when I paid for parking with a $20 at a meter. Seriously, this is not Canada. People get confused when we pay with dollar coins instead of paper dollars. Plus, I’m a dainty princess and they make my purse too heavy.

There is this bulletin board on the wall at work and every day it becomes filled with more and more useless (but funny) fliers.




Every day when I look at all the flyers, I calculate the amount of ink that was wasted to print them because I am old and not fun.


This was a lady’s cart at the grocery store and I almost walked off with it because she’s obviously seen my shopping list.


And because I always take pictures of my food but NEVER use them, here is a picture of a delicious bacon cheeseburger that I ate.


And that’s about it. This weekend I have a 10 mile run (I’m back in training!) and I’m going to a comedy show in which I’ll do my best to be pulled up on stage. Other than that, I will stay in, do homework, and be boring. Hope you all have a good weekend!



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Watch Penny Dreadful, they said. You’ll like it, they said.

So. Penny Dreadful.

I recently finished the first season. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a Showtime series that explores the history of a bunch of literary characters like Dr. Frankenstein and Dracula back in Victorian England. Anyway, I had three fairly reputable people recommend this show to me within a two week time span. People that almost always like the same stuff I do. So I was excited enough to watch it that I bought the first season, and I have to say…it barely kept me hanging on. I have so many issues with it, besides the fact that 80% of the time it is SO boring. But there’s also the fact that (yes, you will get a list):

(1)  Vampires can be killed by being SHOT or STABBED.

(2)  There is absolutely no point to Dorian Gray’s character unless that point is to bang the most characters on the show possible.

Penny Dreadful2

(3)  Frankenstein’s monster looks like Meatloaf.

Penny Dreadful

He will do anything for love…

And while he can play sympathetic well, he just seems like a whiny ass titty baby when he’s trying to be threatening.

(4) Hubs predicted the “big reveal” at the end of the season in episode 2.

(5) A Catholic priest told one character that being possessed BY THE DEVIL made that character “special” and did that character really want to be “ordinary?”


(6) They used a flashlight in the age of gas lamps and candles. (I didn’t notice but this annoyed hubs and now I’m annoyed by proxy.)

(7) See #1, #3, and #5.

There’s more. I think I just repressed it all at this point. I swear I am not generally this picky especially when it comes to the horror genre, but when there’s something annoying every episode, it tends to add up. The show is clever though because just when you’re ready to quit it for good, it gets interesting enough to keep you hanging on. So I finished the first season despite myself. And I’ll probably watch season 2 because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Also, tuberculosis is the new sexy.

I realize I’m in the minority with this show. So if you like it, tell me…WHY!? Why would you like it?! WHY?!



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More Books

My reading has really slowed down since the beginning of the year what with school and life happenings. Since my last book post in June, I’ve managed to read five books.

1. Never, Never Books 1 and 2, by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher (Goodreads link and Amazon link)

Never Never

I was a little disappointed that each of these books were barely 100 pages because I loved them. The story is about a guy and a girl that lose their memories at the same time and have to figure out what is going on and how they’re connected to each other. It’s kind of like Memento with a love story. The second book isn’t as good as the first only because it gets into some really sappy love letters that I couldn’t unread. But other than that, they are both super fast reads (how can they not be at 100 pages?) and really interesting.

2. The Secret Wilderness by Jennifer Bradley  (Goodreads link)

secret wilderness cover

This book was written by a friend of mine and she asked a few people at work to read it and give her feedback. It’s a coming of age story about a girl that can shape-shift into a wolf. I don’t think I could really explain the story fully without getting long in the tooth (get it? wolf. tooth. anything?). Anyway, I liked the book but I probably wouldn’t have made it past the first two or three chapters had I not know the author personally. After those couple chapters, it really picked up and I enjoyed it. I did have a few constructive criticisms for Jen that seemed to be the consensus of the girls that read it at work. She’s currently updating it  based on everyone’s feedback, which I’m sure will make it even better. She’s already written a sequel and she’s going to re-release the first book, so I hope she has some success with it.

3.  A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin  (Goodreads link and Amazon link)


After five seasons of watching Game of Thrones, I’ve officially forgotten half the stuff that happened in the show. So I decided to read the first book as a reminder and I really liked it. The first book is very similar to the first season and was a good reminder of who is connected to whom. Also, Sansa is the worst. I don’t remember hating her when I was watching the first season but hoo boy did I hate her in the book. I will definitely read the second book but I need to wait until I’m ready to take on another 800 page monster.

4. Lock In by John Scalzi  (Goodreads link and Amazon link)


I’ve been reading a lot of book samples lately to see if they’re worthy of buying and this is the first one that I wanted to keep reading. This book reads like a FBI crime drama married I Robot and had a book baby. I’m surprised I liked it because I don’t even like crime dramas, so I’m happy I listened to Matt’s book review and gave it a shot. I noticed when I bought it, it was labeled as book 1 so that makes me kind of excited that there will be another one. Plus, it’s one of those books that doesn’t end on a cliffhanger so you won’t feel stabby at the end.



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A Weekend of Bad Decisions

The week started off innocently enough with a visiting Melissa. (Similar to a traveling circus, but not.)

I mean, obviously she couldn’t keep her hands off of us.

That’s the Orlando Eye behind us if you’re curious.


Melissa was in town for work, so on Wednesday Michelle and I met up with her on International Drive (a.k.a. tourist central) for dinner. We went to the The Yardhouse and I was apprehensive because it’s a chain, but man, it was good. I’ll be going back there. They have something like 500 different beers and I ordered a Corona Light. Then I got shit from the server for my choice. I made sure to tell him to watch his mouth before I ordered a Michelob Ultra.

The three of us hung out and caught up for a couple hours. It was too short of a time but I’m always happy to get in some Melissa time however I can get it. Plus, it was probably the most I had seen Michelle in a month, even though we literally work 50 steps from each other.

On Thursday, the other Melissa came into town.


{Insert Melissa here}

I laughed when I saw we took identical pictures with them. Soon, we won’t even be able to tell them apart.

Thursday started the long weekend filled with bad decisions. First, there was drinking at one of my favorites, Mucho.


Mucho has my favorite drink of all time, the Eola 101. The drink is named after the street Mucho is on, and no it’s not missing a “b” in there. It’s basically tequila, champagne, agave, and lime juice. Melissa wanted to try the drink that I’ve been talking about forever and requested to go there. When she took her first sip and I asked her how it was she said, “it’s ok.” Then she had two more. So I think my point has been made here.

Friday, there was drinking all day at the beach.


We were starving by the time we got there, so the day started with a burger and fries that were surprisingly good for pier food.


Then the day ended here.


Only my liver knows how many hours we stayed there but let’s just say the sun was starting to set and we were there long enough to make it to their evening happy hour.

Saturday night, there was drinking at Vanbarry’s which I guess we can assume didn’t happen since zero pictures were taken. Then, Sunday afternoon there was drinking and brunch at Mucho again.

Shrimp and grits with a side of chorizo.


$10 all you can drink mimosas.


So. many. mimosas.

I had planned to take us to another one of my favorite places for lunch instead, but that involved a long walk around a lake that none of us felt up for after the previous night. That turned out to be a good idea since the the aftermath of brunch looked like this.


I have to say, I don’t think I’ve drank that much since my twenties. My body did not appreciate Monday. However, two good decisions were made in the weekend of bad decisions. At one point, Melissa ate a salad which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. She also talked me out of buying a donut on three separate occasions (which I did not need, trust me). So I’ll just consider the weekend a success.

I’m sad she’s gone but I had a great time. Apparently she had a great time too because she already booked her next trip out in March, so we won’t be apart for long. Also, the girl sheds like a collie and left enough long hairs around my house that I’m sure I’ll be remembering her visit for months to come.



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Feeling Meh

I feel meh about running lately. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get that warm fuzzy feeling back that I usually have with running. I’ve been running 3 or 4 miles a few times a week but wanting to continue on past those miles is not there. I have a half marathon at the end of October that I need to start training for, probably starting now, and I’m dreading it. I just want running to make me happy again.

mr peanutbutter

Also not helping the running situation is the 5 lbs I gained on vacation that have not come off. I have been *trying* to get them off, but it’s not happening. I mean, trying is relative because this happened on a Tuesday.

But I’ve been trying for the most part. And because I have been struggling to get these 5 lbs off for two months now, I decided to name them. They shall be called “Lindsey.” Be careful in Canada, ya’ll. The poutine checks in, but it doesn’t checks out.

Anyway, the good news with running is that I know my speed runs have been getting faster. I’ve been cleaning up old posts on the blog and my speed runs from a few years ago (on a treadmill) are closer to my normal runs now (on a treadmill), so that’s nice to see. Speed on a treadmill doesn’t always translate to running faster outdoors but weighing less does so that’s what I want to do. Weigh less, run fast, and PR a race or two this year. I just need to get out of my running meh.

This weekend should be fun but it won’t be doing my “Lindsey’s” any favors since this girl is coming into town today.


I might have some “Melissa’s” before the weekend is over. Diet starts Monday?



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Three Things Thursday

1. I have a new TV obsession.

Please believe me when I tell you that I did *not* want to watch a show about a talking horse. But a friend recommended Bojack Horseman and there was nothing on the DVR and one thing led to another…and now I’m obsessed. When I watched the first episode, I was just confused and entertained enough to watch the second and that’s when it really got me. Hubs and I just finished both seasons and the Christmas special and now we’re going to start it all over again. It’s really funny but it also has an awesome continuing story line that can really hit you in the feels. You know a show has some good writing when you are really concerned for an animated talking horse’s welfare.

2. This is happening next week.

When I found out Heathers The Musical existed and was coming to town, I about lost my shit. Heathers is easily one of my top favorite movies of all time and began my deep and continuing love for Christian Slater. Plus, it’s at a brand new performing arts center downtown that I hear is really nice, so I’m excited to see that too. I hope they do actual lines from the movie so I can quote them all and annoy everyone around me.

3. Beetlejuice 2 is happening.

My inner tween doesn’t know what to do with itself between this, The Craft remake, and the Heathers musical. Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Tim Burton are all on board so it’s got a lesser chance of being a suck fest. Sequels almost 30 years later aren’t usually the best idea, but I’m interested to see what happens with this one.

And that’s all I got for today. Hope you all have a good weekend. :-)


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Work Stuff

Last week, my job moved to a new building. This will be my third building and fifth cube since I started two years ago. I don’t know what it is about this move, but it’s gotten everyone into a decorating mood, including me. I figure if I’m going to sit in a little box for eight hours a day, it should look moderately cute.


I’m not done yet. I still want to buy a few canvas prints and maybe another fake plant since those are the only ones I can keep “alive.”

I like that cube decorating has given me all sorts of new excuses to buy things I wouldn’t normally waste money on…like rock bunnies.


Basically, some dude picked up two rocks off the ground, glued them together, and asked me to give him $5.00 for it, and I was like, “ok, sure!” I also found this kitty post it holder online that I *had* to buy because ADORABLE. I might tape some bunny ears to it.

kitty post it holder

In our last building, I shared a big cube with an older gentleman who said about two words a day, so it’s quite the difference being in a chatty area. At first, I wanted to punch everyone around me but I’ve been learning to find the entertainment value in my co-workers. Here’s a sampling of a few things I’ve overheard:

Co-worker 1: Who’s instant messaging with “Joe?”
Co-worker 2: Not me. Is this a trick question?
Co-worker 1: Oh, nevermind. It was me.

Or co-worker 1 asking: “When you say 1 through 8, does that include 8?”

Literally every day some crazy shit gets said where I feel that it has justified my coming to work that day. So I’ll have to say this move has been successful.

I also have almost direct access to my work bestie, Cheyanne. (Usually the powers that be try to separate us and for good reason). Earlier in the week, I said I was hungry and she asked me if I wanted broccoli. I looked over and saw this.


That’s friendship right there.

So, I have a cute cube, I sit near some crazies, and I can get some cube hole broccoli whenever I want. I think that’s about all one could ask for in their profession.


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Crap from my Phone

I take a lot of pictures with my phone. Then, a couple weeks later I’ll go through them, wonder why I took them in the first place, and delete them. Today I thought, “hey, I have a blog and can put those crappy pictures on there.” So I this is the start of a random pictures post on a sorta regular basis but not really because once I say it will be regular, it won’t be.

1. Here are two guys I was standing behind in line to get food. They are both playing the same game. With each other.

2. The cover of a Highlights magazine I found during my beach weekend. I don’t want to call alarm to anything, but that kid is sitting on a floating balloon and there are weeds growing in the pool.

3. This menu, also from the beach condo weekend. If you don’t see it right away, then we can’t be friends.


4. I went out with some friends on Friday. I’m a real entertainer as you can see. Who wants to hang out with me?

5. While I was out, I ordered a Three Olives Loopy and club soda (don’t judge, alcoholic fruit loops is the best). The server asked me if I wanted a lemon or a lime and I told her to surprise me.


The joke was on her because I ate that and it was delicious.

6. And lastly, hubs sent me this the other day and it made me laugh enough that I saved it on my phone.


Hope you’re all having a good week! :-)


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I got new shoes…again.

I know everyone says they’re busy and no one likes hearing about how busy other people are, but I’ll say it anyway: I’ve been really busy.

Besides some random stressful things that I’ll talk about one day, school has been kicking my ass the last two weeks of the semester. The instructor doubled-up some writing assignments and back-loaded most of the quizzes while we’re also supposed to be working on a 20-page annotated bibliography (because that will help us in life). I can’t wait to write the end-of-semester evaluation for the class because I’ve got a whole page of “recommendations” already written out for that mofo.

Anyway, enough about that. More importantly, a new shoe purchase was made.

Those are the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10’s and so far I mostly like them. They have a raised area in the heel that feels a little weird but my speed runs in them have been pretty good, so maybe I’m just not used to it? Either way, I think they’re cute and looking cute is important to my vanity. I’m not sure if they’re good for distance yet, but I’ll find out next month when half marathon training starts.

I also tried out the Hoka One One courtesy of my running wife.

I highly recommend running wives. They buy new shoes and let you try them for free.

The Hokas were nice and cushy but rubbed my pinky toe a little. Not enough to hurt but maybe it would if I ran a longer distance in them? My legs are definitely not used to the 5 mm drop because my calves were already getting sore at the end of a mile. I can say, if I decide to go to a lower drop shoe, it would be these. I like lightweight shoes without feeling like I’m running on bare pavement.

Even though I bought new shoes, I’m still considering buying another pair. I’m deciding between the Brooks Ghost 7 and the Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s. I used to like the Ghost 5’s but the new models are heavier which I don’t like. The Wave Rider 17s caused my hip problem so I’m apprehensive about the 18’s. So to sum this up, I have shoe anxiety and I’m never happy. The end.



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